About Us

Spice Wedding Films is made up of me, Chris and my wife, Kate.  

Find out more about us below!


Hi, I'm Chris 

Back in 2015 I started this business with fresh eyes and a unique outlook on wedding videography. It was a way I could use my geekiness and my creativity to make people smile, laugh and cry all at the same time, and it's that emotional connection to a video that I think is so unique to what we do.

When I'm not making wedding videos, I'm travelling to various countries exploring with Kate and creating travel films, I'm reading books either by Harlan Coben or some inspirational writer, I'm looking for the newest activity to do with my groups of friends whether that be Go Ape, VR experience or escape rooms!

This is more than just a business to me, it's been a huge part of my life since I started it 5 years ago and I think this reflects in the passion I have of making videos that are specific to each couple, and not just a 1 size fits all video.


Hi, I'm Kate


I started just helping out Chris when the business got busy, but when I realised how much I love meeting couples, filming their big day and helping edit their wedding films, I started getting involved in the process a whole lot more! I get so into the emotions and the celebration of the wedding day that sometimes during the speeches, I end up welling up more than some of the guests!

When I'm not filming weddings, I'm geeking out over films (note from Chris: Kate has the whole catalogue of IMDB stored in her head, it's crazy!), I'm decorating our house in some way and I'm looking at where our next holiday will be!

Spice Wedding Films is now as big a part of my life as it is of Chris', hence the rebrand to Spice Wedding Films, and so I put my all into making sure everyone gets the best quality service from us.