Terms & Conditions

  1. You confirm your wedding videography will be filmed by Chris Spice Films only (unless agreed otherwise). Your photographer should not be capturing video unless agreed beforehand.

  2. Reservation of videographer’s services are valid only when deposit is paid, and the booking form is signed and returned to Chris Spice Films.

  3. Chris Spice Films will be the owner of the footage and reserves the right to use the stills and moving image for promotional purposes at any time, unless agreed otherwise before this contract is signed.

  4. A request for an alteration to the videos can be made before videos are sent. Any further requests will be at the discretion of Chris Spice Films and will incur further charge which will be at the hourly rate of Chris Spice Films. Even the smallest alterations can take the longest time to edit, however spelling mistakes, grammar or similar, will be fixed free of charge.

  5. Chris Spice Films approaches everything with the utmost care and professionalism. However, if for any reason, including mechanical failure, human error, travel issues or negligence by Chris Spice Films, the video fails to fulfil the contract agreement, liability to maximum will be the all the monies received up until that point excluding deposit. In the unlikely event that the appointed videographer is unable to attend your wedding due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to appoint another videographer to attend your wedding on our behalf to undertake filming to his/her best ability.

  6. You have confirmed (or will confirm) that the location(s) written above has given permission for Chris Spice Films to enter premises and for video and audio to be recorded on the premises.

  7. You will conform to the payment schedule stated on your contract, unless otherwise agreed.

  8. You have seen previous work by Chris Spice Films and are happy with a similar standard, but understand that as the company continues to grow, style may change. The work is not subject to rejection or refund based on taste or aesthetic criteria. Under no circumstances will refunds be given after editing has taken place. We will try our best to ensure you are happy with the final product, although it is a subjective matter.

  9. You understand that you need to let Chris Spice Films know in advance if there are any guests you are particularly keen to include in the video. Whilst we will try to feature as many guests as we can in the final video, you accept that it is the guests’ responsibility to get involved, and that if a guest is camera-shy or unwilling then they are unlikely to make the final video. We do not guarantee that every guest will feature, even though some guests may make multiple appearances.

  10. You understand that if there are particular events of the day that you want captured, you are required inform Chris Spice Films of these parts during the pre-wedding meeting. These include surprises from the bride or groom, or things the guests may not be informed about. Should you not mention these requirements before the wedding day, Chris Spice Films does not take liability for missing such events.

  11. You agree that although Chris Spice Films does not state an end time to the day, if the first dance is delayed by more than 1.5 hours, Chris Spice Films reserves the right to end the filming. 

  12. Everything stated by Chris Spice Films in previous and future emails will become contractual.

  13. Should the wedding video albums become faulty, Chris Spice Films is not responsible. Chris Spice Films will provide contact details for the suppliers of the albums for the client to get into contact with.

  14. Upon cancellation of wedding, for any reason, deposit is non-refundable. Deposit is transferable to another date, subject to availability. Cancellation fees will apply, you will be liable for the following charges calculated as a percentage of your package total less your deposit: 14 days before wedding day = no refund 30 days before wedding day = 50%, 60 days before wedding day = 25%

  15. If for any reason Chris Spice Films cancels the booking, monies paid up until that point will be refunded.

  16. Chris Spice Films will, under no circumstances, use copyrighted music in the films unless a license is obtained or the artist has given explicit permission.

  17. Uncut footage on USB is strictly limited to speeches and ceremony, under no circumstances will Chris Spice Films provide the full uncut footage from the day. If the client requests further uncut footage, for example the first dance, Chris Spice Films needs to be informed at least 2 weeks prior to the wedding date otherwise this will not be provided.

  18. You understand that the editing process takes time and it may take up to 6 months for you to receive the final product. Chris Spice Films will keep you updated throughout the editing process and you can check the ‘Client Area’ on Chris Spice Films website to track your videos progress and where you are in the queue.

  19. You understand that Chris Spice Films may use an external editor at times to speed up the editing process. No personal details will be shared with the external editor other than client names.

  20. Chris Spice Films archives all wedding USB/BluRay/DVDs for 12 months and offers copies, at a charge, providing we still have access to the original files. If any additional copies want to be purchased, then please allow a month for delivery.

  21. You maintain full responsibility for access to camera and microphone positions which may affect the quality of production resulting from inability to use such camera positions.

  22. You agree to provide a hot meal and soft drink to the videographer(s), and this meal is to be eaten away from the main event, Chris Spice Films takes no responsibility for missing any important events that happen during this time.

  23. Wedding videography requires good communication, and so Chris Spice Films takes no responsibility in the unlikely event of missing an important moment, if a schedule is not given out or adhered to on the day.

  24. Although Chris Spice Films uses the best lighting and sound equipment, Chris Spice Films takes no responsibility for bad lighting, due to venue or weather issues, and bad sound due to audience noises or DJ issues.

  25. You understand that although Chris Spice Films sets out to create the best film possible, limitations such as the weather, guest participation, size of wedding, venue restrictions and more, can alter the quality of the final product and Chris Spice Films cannot be held liable.

  26. By agreeing to the payment schedule of your contract on the signed date you understand that you will not be eligible for any future promotions or competitions Chris Spice Films may hold.

  27. One pre-wedding Skype or Phone call is included as standard. Chris Spice Films agrees to travel to the venue before the wedding if we have not covered the venue before, providing it is within 30 minutes from Southampton. For venues further away, a travel charge will incur should the client wish to meet at the venue beforehand.

  28. Where drone videography is concerned, Chris Spice Films reserves the right to delay or cancel flight due to weather, timings, or any other unforeseen circumstances where the flight would be a risk to persons, or a risk to quality of the final video. This will be the choice of Chris Spice Films only. Where this happens, 80% of any monies paid exclusively for drone flight will be refunded, unless Chris Spice Films agrees to attempt the flight at the same location on another date.

  29. You understand that to the best of their knowledge, the venue or venues that will host your wedding, allow drones on the premises. Chris Spice Films is not responsible if on the day, the venue forbid drones. Chris Spice Films can make any relevant contact with the venue to discuss, upon request.

  30. Chris Spice Films is trained and licensed by the CAA to fly drones commercially and safely, therefore the final decision on whether it is safe to fly is made ONLY by Chris. If Chris deems it unsafe to fly FOR ANY REASON, the drone videography will be cancelled, and you will be refunded all monies paid for drone video.

  31. Although Chris Spice Films takes safety and security very seriously, you agree to remain vigilant if your guests are acting unsafely around the drone or drone pilot.

  32. You have seen previous drone work by Chris Spice Films and agree to work of a similar standard. You understand that where refunds will be given if no flight takes place, under no circumstances will refunds be given due to taste or aesthetic criteria.

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Spice Wedding Films - Hampshire Wedding Videography

Spice Wedding Films is a wedding videography service in Hampshire, supplying high quality cinematography for all occasions. I am a Hampshire wedding videographer, but my work stretches throughout the UK. For me it's about natural videography, creative videography and cinematic videography. My style is very unique as my shots are mostly natural, but edited like cinematic videography, creating a style that is not replicated but any other Hampshire videographers. 

I am one of the top wedding videographers in Hampshire, top wedding videographers in Southampton and beyond. I also offer wedding videography further afield, including but not limited to Kent, West Sussex, Wiltshire, Dorset, Somerset and London.

Spice Wedding Films is a proud member of the New Forest Wedding Group. The New Forest Wedding Group is a group of incredibly talented wedding suppliers for your big day. We supply wedding videography in Hampshire, including wedding videography in the New Forest, and so through this group, we are now recommended suppliers of many of the New Forest wedding venues.

Chris Spice Creative is the corporate arm of Spice Wedding Films, supplying high quality corporate video production, drone photo/video and social media management for small and large businesses.