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Please note: We are currently not responding to any enquiries until October 2021. If you would like to leave your details with us now we will get back to you in October with our availability and pricing. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book?

Simply contact me through email at or through any of my contact forms or social networks. Choose a package any extras you want and I'll send you a booking form to fill out. Once this is handed in and your £250 booking fee paid, your day is booked!

Do I have to pay all at once?

As standard my payments operate as follows: - £250 booking fee upon time of booking - Payment - 50% of the balance 6 months before the wedding and then then remaining balance a month before the wedding. Any extras are added to the above payment.

Is there more than one videographer?

Every package includes 1 videographer (with 2 cameras), but you have the option to add a 2nd videographer for £200. This is highly recommended if your budget can stretch to this as it's double the footage, when I am with you for your couples shoot and photographs the second videographer can be with the rest of the guests capturing the bits that you are missing.

What are the benefits of having an extra videographer?

There are so many benefits to having 2 videographers at your wedding as opposed to one. - Double the footage! Double the videographers means double the footage, giving us lots to choose from when editing your day and ultimately leading to better films. - 2 Places at once. Unfortunately we don't have a time turner, so with 1 videographer, you'll sometimes have to choose between things to capture, but with 2 videographers you can capture the action in 2 different places. A great example of this is that when the bride and groom go out for photos, 1 videographer can follow and get videos of these intimate moments, whilst one can stay back and get shots of the guests and those bits you might miss! - Less rushing around means better quality shots. As one videographer, a lot of time can be spent changing equipment, setting up and taking down equipment, and generally moving things around. This means some shots might be rushed in order to make time for the next shots. With 2 videographers, 1 can deal with equipment changes whilst the other focuses on getting amazing shots, leading to a higher quality video. - Bride and groom prep. This is only available when the bride and groom are getting ready at the same location, but can add a layer to your films and make that memory a little more special for both of you.

Do you film in HD?

Of course! We use top of the range Mirrorless cameras, which is a new technology allowing us to shoot HD (and 4K) on smaller cameras so we won't look like a film crew on the day.

How intrusive is wedding videography?

We get compliments all the time about how easy the process is and how unobtrusive we were. We stay in the background whilst capturing absolutely everything form the day.

How long do you stay?

With the Gold Package, I arrive an hour or 2 before the ceremony to get some shots of the venue, guests arriving etc, then stay until an hour or so after first dance. There is no hourly time limit but there are exceptions when the wedding is delayed for a couple of hours, which is very rare! For the Platinum and Diamond packages, I arrive during bridal prep, and stay until an hour or so after first dance.

Do we get to meet you before the wedding?

Before the wedding, I'm happy to meet with you if its within 30 minutes drive from Southampton. You have to know that you're trusting the right person with your big day and its always great to chat about your day, and what I can offer.

Will you come to our venue before the day?

If we've been to the venue before, we don't tend to visit the venue before your day. If not, then we are happy to travel up to 30 minutes drive from Southampton. Any further will incur a charge should you want us to visit.

How do you work with photographers?

I maintain a good relationship with photographers; I'll have a chat with them when I arrive and we will discuss how we will work with each other. I'll generally let your photographer set up the shots and quietly film in the background, creating that natural feel.

How long does it take to get my finished wedding film?

We normally state that it takes 3-6 months to receive your wedding film, this varies depending on the time of the year your wedding is. This will be the finished product of digital delivery and USBs. If you have ordered a Wedding Video Album please be aware that we cannot guarantee delivery times on these as they are from an external supplier. After the wedding we will send you a link to our 'Progress Tracker' which shows you where you are in the queue to have your wedding edited and you can see how long it will be until we get there. We keep this updated along with a rough estimate of your wait time. We want you to be as informed as possible as we edit your film as we know how it can be a wait and you are excited to get the final product!

Can we choose our own music for our wedding film?

Due to copyright laws, we only use royalty free, non-copyrighted music for your wedding films. We dedicate time to choosing the most beautiful music that matches the mood of your day as every wedding and every couple are different. All the music for your film is chosen by us in post production from a huge library of specialy curated music. Any request to choose your own music from our library can be negotiated at an additional charge.