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Spice Wedding Films - COVID-19 Wedding Videography Collections

hampshire wedding videography awards
hampshire wedding videograpy awards

Spice Wedding Films creates stunning wedding videography in Hampshire, the UK and beyond. We tell your story in the beautiful medium of cinematic film.

It's a difficult time to plan a wedding, but we know that people will be still wanting to get married despite restrictions, and that's why we have put together a series of wedding videography packages for people who want their wedding filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Hi! I'm Chris, and alongside my wife-to-be Kate, we run Spice Wedding Films. We believe that a wedding film is something to be cherished and one of the most valuable purchases for a wedding day - after all, once the day is over all that's left is the memories, and we edit those memories together into one of our beautiful cinematic wedding films. We provide wedding videography in Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex, Wiltshire, the UK and film weddings abroad.

Like many, we were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with our wedding originally scheduled for June 2020, but having to be rescheduled to June 2021 (and now September 2021). But now some restrictions have been lifted, there's a glimmer of hope for people who still want to have their wedding ceremony in 2020. We want to provide those people with affordable, cinematic wedding videography for COVID weddings. See our packages for more details.

Our aim is to create stunning wedding videos that you can remember for years to come, and make the whole process completely stress free. Our wedding videography is based in Hampshire but we love exploring new places and going to new venues so we travel pretty much anywhere you can imagine including weddings abroad. This is definitely a huge perk of the job for us. Be sure to check out our previous work, and what people have said about us!

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Meet the Team


Hi, I'm Chris

I started Spice Wedding Films because my passion for film and telling stories made it the perfect pathway for me. I love telling the stories of my couples, getting creative with their ideas and going to new and exciting venues.

When I'm not filming, I'm travelling around the world with Kate, planning a new business venture or relaxing with a book and a cider.

Hi, I'm Kate

I started helping out Chris with the wedding videography, but the more I got to know our couples, the more I became invested in their stories and their weddings. Now I love filming weddings with Chris and taking our couples through the process from start to finish.

When I'm not filming weddings, I'm geeking out over films, booking suppliers for our own wedding or planning our next holiday!


COVID19 Wedding Videography Packages


Essential Collection One

1 Videographer

Coverage throughout the ceremony, from 1 hour before to 1.5 hours after.

30 sec - 1 minute trailer

Uncut (Full) Ceremony

Films supplied digitally


Add an additional videographer for £200


Perfect for couples who just want the ceremony filmed, and maybe a few shots of them and the guests before and after!

Essential Collection Two


1 Videographer

Coverage from morning preparations until evening.

3-6 minute highlights film

Uncut (Full) Ceremony and Speeches

Films supplied digitally



Add an additional videographer for £200

A great option for those having a ceremony, followed by a small gathering.

Essential Collection Three


1 Videographer

Ceremony Day: Coverage from morning preparations until evening.

Reception Day: Up to 5 hours coverage.

2 x 1-2 minute trailer for both days.

6-8 minute Cinematic Film encapsulating both days into one wedding film.

Uncut (Full) Ceremony and Speeches

Films supplied on USB


Add an additional videographer for £200

Perfect for couples who are planning a ceremony in 2020 followed by a reception at a later date.


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