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Letters and Gifts on the Wedding Morning

When your big day finally arrives, the day it feels you have been waiting forever for, the final few hours build up before are almost as important as the ceremony itself. No matter what you do on that morning; get ready with your bridesmaids, chill with your groomsmen or relax on your own you want to be able to look back on it, especially as it is the one time that you won't be together. A few of our couples in the past have done one of our favourite things for video; sending the other a letter and gift to open on the morning of the wedding!

This is big for us as videographers, we can capture these moments in the detail that no one else on the day can. Sure, having photos of the moment is good but where is the emotion in that? Where is their voice breaking as they read the letter? Or the sniffles as their happy tears get a bit too much? How else would you watch the smile break out across their face as they are overcome with emotion? The screenshots as part of this post don't do this justice and it is watching the videos back in full is when you get to see what capturing this all really means.

We have had some brilliant letter and gift giving scenarios over the years, our favourite has to be when the groom, Ryan, gifted an illustration of his and Hannah's engagement in Iceland to her whilst she was getting ready.

Hannah loved it. she could not believe the thought he had put into it and we caught every last second and detail of her reaction. This was then followed by a beautiful note written to her, and when she was done reading it, there wasn't a dry eye left in the room.

We loved this so much ourselves, we made a short video focusing just on the letter and gift. You may need some tissues handy, just in case! Have a watch below!

The morning of the wedding you don't see each other at all, you are waiting for that first time in the ceremony, so don't you want to see what you miss out on? Having a videographer there is the perfect way to make sure you don't miss out on other important bits. If you spent a lot of time getting your other half the perfect presents, then you want to see how they react. Whether that be with laughter or tears, the reaction is a gift in itself.

Ricky (above) loved the boxers that Naomi gifted him on the day and Naomi (below) had a bit of a different reaction to the gift from him.

Every moment should be cherished, you will not regret being able to look back to this and remember every thought and feeling running through your head. The whole day will be a blur by the end of it and this was at the beginning so in less detail than the rest.

Another great moment to capture was when Charlie was given a pin with a close family member on. She welled up and this is another reaction where the screenshot does not do it justice. Vicky, her partner, would have never have been able to see Charlie's reaction to this had we not been there.

Every wedding is different and damn do we love it when our couples do something a bit off the beaten track. Robin and Emmalia, below, both had something for each other on the morning of the wedding. Rather than us doing this separately like we were used to, we filmed them both opening their surprises whilst they were on the other side of the door. They still had not seen each other, but there they were, holding hands and still being able to share the special moment.

We capture every possible moment of the day and we consider the build up to be one of the biggest. You're there waiting for the rest of your life to unfold, every emotion just waiting to spill out of you, wanting to not let it end but not being able to wait to be in that ceremony at the same time. Don't let those moments go.

If you spent the time writing that letter and picking out the perfect gift, make sure they remember it as much as you. It is essentially the start to the rest of your life, the new normal, the new happiness. The time has been put in to prepare you for the event, keep it in your mind and hold onto it for as long as you can.

Visit our Wedding Portfolio page to see some of our films, and maybe one day this will be you!

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