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Tunnels Beaches Weddings - Spice Wedding Films Venue Feature

Why Tunnels Beaches is the Perfect Wedding Venue

Tunnels Beaches in Ilfracombe is the perfect wedding venue from a videographers perspective - there are so many little areas for group shots and couple portraits, and the venue is stunning from every angle.

In the morning, some bride's choose to get ready at the house on top of the cliff. It's a 2 minute walk down to the venue and has huge open spaces. It's also nicely lit so if you're looking for shots of the bride getting her dress done up or father of the bride reactions, this place is perfect.

When it comes to the ceremony, Tunnels Beaches has an amazing outdoor ceremony area that looks over the cliff side and looks incredible in any weather - we've filmed there in clear blue skies and also thick fog and both times it just had a look to it that made the whole wedding feel epic. Should it rain, you've also got an indoor ceremony backup which, thanks to the large windows in the building, also looks over the cliff side and provides amazing views so you won't be missing out.

For the reception drinks, the outside area is perfect for your guests to enjoy the view, have some canapes and mingle. Meanwhile, the beach is just a few steps away (these are sometimes tough to manage especially in heels, so be careful), and instantly opens up so many opportunities for photos. Whether you want to venture down the beach and get some epic shots with rocks, cliffs and the sea, or just get a drone shot in front of your venue, you've got plenty of choice. Also it's your wedding day, you've got to take a dip in the sea right?

For the dinner, you have a cosy room at the top of the building with panoramic views of the beach whilst you eat. This is then turned into your dance floor later, but if you're feeling adventurous, you could have your first dance outside while your guests look on, whilst being warmed up by the firepit area.

The icing on the cake is honestly that sunset and in the right time of year, the sun sets perfectly aligned with the venue's private beach so you'll see every minute of it, and this is an amazing time for some more photos and videos.

Weddings We Have Filmed at Tunnels Beaches

Our first wedding at Tunnels Beaches was in 2017 and was the wedding of Becki & Tom. Although they were Southampton based, Becki & Tom found Tunnels Beaches and fell in love. On the day they beautiful weather and we captured some truly amazing moments between them both, and their guests of course.

As a videographer it's a bit strange showing videos from 4 years ago as our styles change a lot, but we still love this film and enjoyed the day so much.

After seeing our films and watching Becki & Tom's video, Amy & Andy contacted us about filming their wedding at Tunnels Beaches. Naturally, I was so excited to go back with everything I'd learnt in the previous years, and take the drone with me too! The vibe of the day was very relaxed which helps from a supplier perspective, and although the day started with some heavy fog, it ended with the perfect sunset. I enjoyed this one a lot!

Top Tips for Your Tunnels Beaches Wedding Film

  1. Book the Drone - You've successfully picked one of the best looking wedding venues in the south, so let us do it justice with our drone footage!

  2. Change of Footwear - There's so much to explore in the beaches around the venue and as you can see in the Thumbnail for Amy & Andy, if you decide to walk across the rocks you can get some incredible shots. It's not advisable to do this in heels so maybe take some alternate footwear for these ones!

  3. Outside first dance - Not many people in the UK get a chance to do this, so make the most of the incredible outside areas and take your first dance outside - not only is this unique but it will make for some really cinematic footage for your film.

  4. Be Prepared for Shots at any Time - Not one I often recommend as we like to let couples have time with their guests, but if there's a perfect sunset, we will be convincing you to get some shots in that time!

  5. Blankets for guests - It can get quite chilly in the evening, so our couples provide blankets for their guests in the evening to keep them warm. The venue gets incredibly cosy at night so this is a perfect idea.

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