What Happens Now?


Whether you've chosen a package with just Chris filming your wedding, or Chris & Kate both filming your big day, we are so grateful that you've chosen us. No matter what package you've chosen, we will both be involved in some of the communication in the build up to the big day and afterwards, and we both work together to ensure your edits are done quickly and look awesome with Chris working on your edits and Kate working on your ceremony and speeches as well as making sure you get your USB when it's all done.

This page will hopefully tell you all you need to know about the process from start to finish, as well as our recommendations of some suppliers that will add an extra special touch to your big day.


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Now you're booked, you can sit back and relax - we'll take it from here! Here's a quick timeline of what happens before the wedding:

- 6 Months to go: Your first payment of 50% of the remaining amount is due.

- 6 weeks to go: We will get in touch to arrange a phone call to discuss all the details of the big day. We send you a questionnaire for you to fill out that lays out some more details for us. Some of this will be repeated in the pre-wedding meeting but the more we know, the better!

4 Weeks to go: Our pre-wedding meeting will take place. We'll go over all the details and everything that's important to you. We recommend you watch a couple of our films to get an idea of what you like so we can tailor your film to you. This is also when final payment is due.

1 Day to go: We'll send you an email just to let you know we're ready to film your big day!

Feel free to contact us at ANY time in the lead up to the wedding with any questions. For the day, we also have no dietary requirements and if your dinner is at a hotel, a bar tab for our food would be completely fine.


Your wedding day is here! Be sure to enjoy it as much as you can - it will go very quickly and it can be easy to stress about the little things, but the most important thing of all is that you'll be saying your 'I do's'. 

By this point we'll know more about you and everything about your wedding day, meaning on the day we shouldn't need anything, so it's as stress free as possible. If you need anything from us throughout the day then let us know of course. Otherwise, we'll make the day as fun and stress free as possible!

As you've probably seen by now, our style is as natural as possible with very little being set up, but there's just a couple of things we can recommend to get the most out of your film.

Getting Ready: In the morning, we love to film detail shots of the dress, shoes, rings and bridesmaid's dresses. If you get time in the morning, it would be awesome if you could make these available to us or hang them in a nice way somewhere - some venues know the best spots for these shots! If you're doing letters, I recommend us finding a quiet place where you can read the letters out for the video..

Ceremony: Just enjoy it! We'll put a microphone on the groom normally and that will capture you both and the registrar. Just let us know of any readings so we can arrange microphones for them.

Couple Shoot: Don't do your couple shoot without us! We love this element of a wedding day as it's the only time you get to spend together away from others for the whole day, and also we get to be creative with it. Sometimes the photographer might take you guys away spontaneously, but if you can, just make sure we know about it so you don't miss those moments in your video.

Speeches: We'll arrange the microphones for the speeches but depending on who's speaking and the layout of the room, sometimes we may ask for the speakers to stand in one place or swap microphones. We don't do this lightly and declining it might result in lower quality of film - but don't worry, we explain everything and make it as easy as possible..


Congratulations! You're married! After the wedding we will send you a quick follow up email and a link to our wedding video tracker. The tracker will allow you to see where you are in our editing queue and an estimated time that you'll see your films. You'll also be able to see other weddings getting done and ticked off so you can see the work being done.


Sit back, relax and enjoy life as a married couple - we'll be in touch with your videos.


If you have ordered a Wedding Video Album, I recommend sending us a collection of photos - a mixture of detail shots, couple shots and fun shots like confetti or sparklers. We can then create the design of the video album so we can get this made so it's ready when your films are ready! 


We work with a lot of wedding suppliers and we can recommend a few that we work particularly well with, to give you that extra helping hand in organising your big day..



Cammy https://iamcammy.co/

Darren Lovellhttps://www.darrenlovellphotography.co.uk/

Other Suppliers:

The New Forest Wedding Grouphttps://www.newforestweddinggroup.com/