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Millbridge Court Wedding Videographer



Millbridge Court is one of our favourite Surrey wedding venues. Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Farnham, Surrey, Millbridge Court is the epitome of enchanting elegance and rustic charm.

We personally love that 'modern barn' vibe - it's meticulously designed interiors, picturesque gardens, and a vibe that effortlessly blends the contemporary with the classic. It's bright, vibrant and classy all at the same time.

It's the perfect destination for couples seeking a dreamy and unforgettable wedding in the heart of Surrey's picturesque countryside.


So, let me tell you about Farnham in Surrey—it's like a charming English postcard come to life! Picture this: cobblestone streets, historic vibes, and that classic market town feel. Farnham is all about that delightful mix of old-world charm and a touch of modern flair. You've got Farnham Castle standing tall and St. Andrew's Church adding that extra dose of history. Plus, it's surrounded by the lush Surrey Hills—like, seriously beautiful countryside. Wander around, and you'll find quirky independent shops, cute cafes, and this friendly vibe that just makes you want to stick around. Farnham's got this awesome blend of quaint and vibrant, making it a cool spot to soak in some local culture and enjoy the laid-back Surrey lifestyle.


Connie & Nathan's wedding wasn't easy for them to plan, with them both living in Tasmania and planning the wedding from there while Nathan travels the world for his career in cricket. Luckily, through their determination and relaxed nature, the wedding went without a hitch and it couldn't have been more perfect.

A very heartfelt and emotional set of personal vows in the rain set the scene for day, before the sun peaked through the clouds for the reception drinks.

From there, we had so much fun filming Connie & Nathan's friends and family, particularly the bridal party shots which were just full of laughter and energy- you could really feel the love in those beautiful Millbridge Court gardens.

After the bride beat her dad a game of table tennis (yes even with heels and a dress), they chose 7 people to do speeches, and what an incredible set of speeches they were. I love listening to the speeches and getting to know our couples more, and this was really an insight into how they met and the journey they have been through to get where they are today.

To round it up, the band kicked off the night with the first dance, shortly followed by a dance floor absolutely packed with guests ready to party the night away.

Here's some screenshots from the film:


It's always a pleasure to a be a wedding videographer at Millbridge Court in Farnham. We are based in Hampshire, UK but we take our wedding videography all around the country and abroad. Surrey is a hugely popular spot for us as there's so many great wedding venues, and there also happens to be a lot of awesome wedding suppliers who were at this wedding.

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